This is the school to go to!! Don’t look any further! The instructors and staff are the best and most humble people ever! They are always there to encourage and support you! When you’re feeling in doubt they make sure to help & reassure you everything will be okay! Thanks to them I am now certified as a phlebotomist with such reasonable pricing and in so little time you learn everything you need for the field! I highly recommend them!!! They check up very often to make sure they help you look for a job! They always check up and whenever you need them they reply quickly! Thank you so much!

Kimberly C.

This college was great…reasonably prices, right off the 5 freeway, great support and lots of practice before your externship!

They offered a great schedule for working individuals (weeknights and weekends). This course is accelerated so it was challenging but the two professors, Manny and Mr. Castro were a wealth of knowledge and made the material understandable. If you do take the two week course, be prepared to have no life (seriously, not that big of a deal).

Like with everything, you get what you put in…with that said, you do have to read almost a whole textbook within a short period of time, but it’s all applicable material. Also, you get to draw blood on your first day! I recommend you jump right in and get your practice in as soon as possible…which you’re only helping yourself become a better phlebotomist.

The administrators, Brian and Lin are really cool. They help you find an externship and provide job hunting and resume support. They try to work with your schedule if life happens and you have to juggle a couple classes around or change externship dates.

Yessica I.

American Harbor college is the best accredited program for phlebotomist and their other classes. I spent so much time carefully searching for a phlebotomy course and American College was the most exceptional with a fully staff like Lin and Brian that would help you through every process and questions you have. Not to mention the professors are extremely smart and passionate about their work that you will learn so many techniques and so much information about phlebotomy. They will prepare you for the test extremely well as experienced all of the students in my class passed the phlebotomy written exam. After the 40 hr course Lin and Brian find a great externship for you to work in and you will learn much more to be ready for the work place. Overall I recommend American Harbor if you are looking for a career as a phlebotomist, they do exceptional work guaranteed! I enjoyed my time there!!!

Brayan S.

I’m so glad I decided to attend American Harbor College. I researched Phlebotomy schools in SoCal for ages before finding this school. Brian and Lynn in the main office are SO friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond for their students from offering to review and help with your Resume to letting you return after your classes have finished for additional practice free of charge.

The teachers Mr. Castro and Mr. Hernandez have a combined experience of about 60 years in Phlebotomy so they know a lot!! I have a degree in Science and can honestly say Mr. Castro and Mr. Hernandez are on par if not above the teachers at my university. The class sizes are small which means you get a thorough explanation of anything you’re unsure of without being afraid to speak up.

They are very reasonably priced too. This school deserves hundreds of 5 star reviews. I just can’t fault it. Thanks Lynn, Brian, Mr. Castro and Mr. Hernandez!

Fiona M.

I had an excellent experience here taking a phlebotomy course. Communication with staff was direct and available at almost every hour.

The course prepared me for my exams which I had passed comfortably. I have no problems calling in to receive additional assistance and ask questions.

Roy Y

I’m in the last night of my 2 week course here. I am SO glad I found this program. Not only are they very reasonably priced, but Brian and Lynn are so friendly and accommodating. When one of the students was struggling to find a vein, Lynn came into the class and let her practice on her! If this doesn’t show you that the staff is dedicated to the success of their students, I don’t know what does. Mr. Castro is an awesome professor. I feel very prepared and the lectures were interesting with a lot of laughs. The class size is small and we all got to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend this program.

Also – they will let you come back to sit for lecture and practice venipuncture even after the class is over if you’re not yet comfortable. I’m very impressed.

Isabella P.

Recently passed my NHA exam for Phlebotomy with 95% on my first attempt. All the staff are VERY supportive! Day one started hard and fast , I immediately felt kind of overwhelmed but by the end of the class, everything started to make a lot of sense each day. I was looking forward to going class every day, looking forward to learning, looking forward to practicing drawing blood.

It is a fast paced class but Mr. Castro is the BEST, he is very informative, patient, and prepares you very WELL for what to expect on the NHA exam and on the medical field! It’s been one the BEST decisions I’ve made.

Great school I would recommend this course for anybody that’s trying to have a carrier in a short time. Thank you American Harbor College staff for your support, the GREAT experience I got on my externship, and for helping become a phlebotomist within a month! 🙂

Veronica L.

I absolutely loved my American Harbor College experience. It is definitely a top institution in my books. Unfortunately, I feel that it may sometimes get overlooked/ underrated. People have this preconception that a university should be GRAND in name and LARGE in stature, but Socrates was one the most influential educators in history and his school wasn’t composed of 50+ classes.

All you need is a good instructor, place to meet, helpful staff, a laboratory, and your license is but a few short weeks away! Exactly what you should expect from this program.

That being said, your experience at American Harbor College (and in life in general) is up to you — you determine your path and what you take from it.
This program took me on a fantastic journey of self-discovery. I started out determined to just get in, get out, and find a place to work. Instead I found myself making friends with my class mates, working on my resume with the career advisor, Nadesha, and having many chats with Brian the program director (Great guy! Super friendly! Makes you want to hug him every time he says hi!)

There were some students that spent a majority of their time grumbling and complaining at every opportunity possible. “This is too hard” .. “There is too much reading to do…” ……

You’d be surprised how many adults do not comprehend the fact that YOU ARE GETTING A LICENCE TO STICK NEEDLES INTO PEOPLE…THERE WILL BE A FAIR AMOUNT OF WORK…

And it has nothing to do with having a background in science. More than half of my class had no degree in biology, but they put in the effort to learn the required material. They came to class early to practice on the mannequins. They stayed late after class (with the instructor) and continued to refine the areas they were struggling in… and few weeks later.. they were certified and deserving of their certification for that matter.

This is an accelerated program; it requires hard work and dedication. The staff at American Harbor College are here to help you succeed and they will give you all the attention you need, whether you’re in a class of 5 or 25! No one will be neglected.

Just remember, you need to be a helpful student. If a few dates change along the way regarding the off-campus training site…. Well buddy guess what.. this is a FACT of medicine. Hospitals and clinic may encounter turbulence with staffing. Or the student before you may need an extra day or two to finish before you can take their place. Don’t blame the school for what is NOT in their hands to control! Be patient and work with the school to help them, help you succeed.

I am very grateful to have attended such a wonderful program. I am now a licensed phlebotomist and it is all thanks to you.

Thank you American Harbor College

Tarek Karam

I took the phlebotomy technician program from American Harbor College not long ago. I love the school. Wonderful and knowledgeable staff and teacher. From the training to the NHA Exam to the application for the state license, the school help every single step which means a lot to me. I really enjoy my short period of time there!

Jasmine F

When choosing a school for phlebotomy, it was crucial to attend a school with a nationally certified program as well as friendly staff.

After checking out a couple of other schools, I decided American Harbor College was the right fit for me, and I certainly was very pleased! The instructor, was very knowledgeable and was always more than happy to answer any questions I had. Brian, Linnea, and Asher were also very amiable and attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend this school!

Francesca R

I had recently attended at American Harbor College. I must say that the help and professionalism that the staffs had shown me is way beyond exceptional. The resources , knowledge, and tools that I needed to achieve my Phlebotomy course was met which resulted to my success…

Now I can finally be proud to say that I have profession. Thanks American Harbor College. Thank you for making me a part of your family and God bless with your school.

Conrad S

My name is Bruce Lerner and I am a recent graduate of the Massage Therapy 500 hour program at American Harbor College. Before I came into this school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I wanted to help people by utilizing my god given abilities. This school has helped me realize my full potential, but more importantly it has given me the practical tools in order to actualize my new reality.

My instructor Brian is one of the coolest people I have ever met, but this is on top of his complete devotion to the art and science of massage and to his dedication to creating a positive learning environment, Under his guidance we students were given the chance to learn about everything related to our new career path, from anatomy to business, to the massage techniques themselves. You will not find a better teacher anywhere as Brian’s methods are completely practical and based on his own experiences of having a successful and long running massage business.

The administrative staff was very generous with their positivity as well and was always willing to help with anything that was asked of them. They played a crucial role in the overall great environment that has been created at AHC.

I can honestly say that going to school here has been one of, if not the greatest decision of my life, and I am confident I will look back fondly at my experiences and the wonderful people for years to come. If you are looking for a place to grow into the human you were created to be, while helping people and making good money, this is the place!! Thanks to everyone at AHC, and I love you all!!!

Bruce Lerner, USA

I like American Harbor College because there are cool teachers and students. Teachers are so close to us. There is a lot of diversity among the student population. We talk in English even on breaks. You should come to this school if you want to speak English and make more friends!

Rei Yamaguchi, Japan

When I was looking for college with ESL courses, I had several requirements: the location (I wanted it to be near Hollywood), the price (I had a relatively budget) and convenient schedule (I needed free Fridays). This college met all this requirements. Furthermore all staff members were very helpful! I changed my status from tourist to student and they helped me a lot! I’m really glad I chose American Harbor College.

Kamila Niskova, Russia

Hello everyone, I want to briefly tell you about my college where I have been taking English for the last 2 months.

I will say this, I liked it here from the first day of school! School administrators determine your level of English and place you in the group in which you will feel the most comfortable and where the rest of your classmates will be the same level as you. The teachers here are just super, especially the one that I have in my group is a great leader, who explains things very clearly and creates just the perfect climate for learning the language in the classroom!

I felt more confident in my knowledge of the language already in the first week. So I advise everyone to get into this college, and remember the power of knowledge, which will always help you in life. English is the first step towards your new dream!

Alex Krivoshey, Ukraine

I was really stressed out when I first came to American Harbor College because I didn’t know what to expect. But thanks to a excellent staff and teachers it was a great learning relaxing and great learning experience.

Brian (vice president) was a nice and gave me a tour of the campus the first day when I went for my orientation. The next week when our class started I was very excited to start because of how great and nice our instructor Arpi was.

She was very caring towards all of the student, she thought us everything In a slow and understandable pace. And for the NHA test (the board exam) Arpi had a review sheet and went over everything we needed to know and pass our NHA with confidence!

Overall my experience at American Harbor College was great thanks to all the excellent staff and teachers. I would recommend American Harbor College !

Rodney Khajadouri