Home School Reading

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Home School Reading

Home school reading is a challenge for many families; now you can teach your child to read with Montessori tools that make learning easier and more fun for your child while taking the pressure off of you. Montessori To You has created home school math and reading kits that help your child to succeed in early reading skills- and it’s so easy, you can’t help but succeed as a home educator, as well. Forget the expensive software programs and sit-down curriculums that are difficult for pre-school and Kindergarten-age children to follow; Montessori is hands-on- and it’s a lot of fun.

Is Montessori Learning Just Playing?

You can think of Montessori as ‘just’ playing if you want to, or you can look at it in the same way as its creator Maria Montessori saw it- as a tool designed to engage young children and help them understand basic math and language concepts, comprehending them at the earliest age, starting at 2. However you choose to look at Montessori learning, there is no denying that it’s very effective in reaching young children and creating a love for numbers and letters.

Montessori tools engage the senses, which is why children love learning with the tools provided. Our home school reading kit includes sandpaper letters, one of Montessori’s most beloved language tools that allows your child to explore letters and sounds at a whole new level.

Can Anyone Home School?

Maria Montessori, the creator and founder of the Montessori learning method, believed that any parent could teach their child the foundations of language and math with simple but effective tools designed to engage the child’s interest. Our home school reading kits make it affordable and easy for parents with or without a college education to help their child succeed in learning how to read, spell, comprehend language, count, add & subtract, and use their skills as a stepping stone to more difficult concepts.

Home Schooling and The Law

Homeschooling laws vary from state to state; if you’re not legally able to homeschool your child in the state where you live, you can still give them a gift that will help them perform better in school. Teaching your child how to read at the age of 4 or 5 will provide them with the skills they need to master reading comprehension in higher grades. You’ll never regret incorporating Montessori learning tools into your home school curriculum or as a part of your child’s personal library.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need many tools to get started; in fact, you’ll do well to select just two or three Montessori additions that fit your budget. We recommend selecting a quality Language and Math kit to get your child started. Montessori To You sells learning kits designed to last for many years so that you can hand them down to younger siblings at the appropriate age. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our learning tools, you can return them within seven days of purchase, per our return policy.

Home School Reading