A Richmond, Virginia startup company has created an app that is changing the way physicians connect their patients with phlebotomists when lab tests are needed. The app is similar to software used by Uber and other on-demand services. Here’s how it works:

A physician (or his/her staff) logs on to the Iggbo app requesting the services of a local phlebotomist. Phlebotomists who have signed up with Iggbo in advance log on to the platform and are notified of requests for their services in the area. The phlebotomist drives to the doctor’s office or patient’s home, draws the sample and ships or delivers it to the lab of the physician’s choice.

The lab pays Iggbo for the phlebotomy service. Iggbo then pays the phlebotomist a percentage. The service is free to doctors and their patients.

According to the company’s web site, “Iggies” have full control over their schedule, by accepting as many or few appointments as they wish. doing so automatically or with a just a couple of clicks. Everything that a phlebotomist needs is provided by Iggbo including training, a smartphone preloaded with the software. connections to suppliers, and professional services.

Source: Phlebotomy Today