Phlebotomy classes in orange county

A Phlebotomist is an extremely important, yet often overlooked profession. They are a vital part of the medical field, and becoming one requires training from an accredited school. Those looking for Phlebotomy classes in Orange County should browse through the programs offered at American Harbor College. They have flexible schedules that even the full-time worker could find time for, and there is absolutely no medical experience required.

What Is A Phlebotomist?

While Phlebotomists perform a vital job, not many people know exactly what they do. Their job description and duties have to do with administering and managing blood withdrawals. These withdrawals may be done for research, transfusions, or several other reasons. Also, they are responsible for looking after patients before, during, and after these procedures. They have to make sure that nothing happens to the samples that could damage the accuracy of any tests done.

Essential Job Duties

While Phlebotomists are responsible for blood withdrawals, transfusions, and caring for the patients, they also have other job duties that they may have to perform daily. In addition to preparing patients for the procedure, they must also verify the identity of said patients and explain the process to them. If there is a nervous patient, the Phlebotomist is responsible for calming them down. They are also responsible for taking care of a patient after any kind of negative reaction to the procedure. On top of these duties, they must also label and track blood samples and inventory the instruments used for the procedures. During a blood withdrawal of transfusion, there is a supervising physician onsite, and the Phlebotomist must make sure to follow their instructions.

How Do I Become A Phlebotomist?

Anyone can become a Phlebotomist, even with no prior medical knowledge. Typically, Phlebotomists will have a non-degree diploma or certificate which can be achieved at a school such as American Harbor College. These programs are built to take up less than a year and include hands-on classroom experience. In addition to the non-degree diploma or certificate, some employers may want potential Phlebotomists to have a certificate from a certifying organization. A handful of states (California, Washington, Nevada, and Louisiana) also require state certification.

The Programs

The Phlebotomist programs offered at American Harbor College were created for those with no medical experience, or those working in health care who may be interested in advancing their careers. They included forty hours of basic classroom instruction and then forty hours of advanced instruction, in addition to hands-on training. The program also requires an externship, which will be different for each student. The schedule for the externship will be dependent on where the student is assigned, with part-time, full-time, and weekend sites available. Students can discuss specific sites and schedules when they first enroll in the school. American Harbor College is accredited by several different organizations including, CEA, CATESOL, National Healthcare Associate, Laboratory Field Services, and more. For those wanting more information, AHC can be contacted by phone or email, or potential students can drop by in person.

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Phlebotomy classes in orange county
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